November 4

Tao and his talent

In class we are reading a book called Boy of The Painted Cave.It is about a boy named Tao that wants to be a painter, but can’t because he is not a special chosen one.It is a taboo of his clan for him to paint, to do what he loves.He could be kicked out of the clan or even killed for doing what he loves and is good at doing.

What I’m good at and love is playing first base in baseball.Baseball is a game with at least nine players per team.You take turns hitting and fielding.Everytime a person runs all the way around the bases that person’s team gets a run, which is like a point.There are many different positions but I ┬álove playing first base.
If I was in Tao’s position and couldn’t to what I love to do and what I’m good at doing,it would be like torture.Everytime the off season rolls around I wait and wait until the new season starts.If someone told me that I could never play again, I would be extremely frusterated.I have a bat a glove and everything else you need for the sport, if someone told me I would never see a bat or a glove again that would be HORRIBLE.I really feel bad for Tao, he can’t do what he loves to do, just imagine never being able to do your favorite thing again, if it was against the law for you to do.It would be terrible.That’s why I feel bad that Tao has to live his life without doing what he loves to do and is good at,and if he does he must do it where nobody will find it, imagine how that would feel.


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  1. Marianne Ella

    Hello Caleb!
    I feel unhappy that there might be a possibility of such a place that exists in this world,where we cannot be able to do what we love doing.I cannot imagine a world where I cannot write my own stories or even draw. please come and visit my blog at!


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